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深耕中国15年,/ISE---总部设在爱尔兰为科学界提供出版服务的欧洲领先供应商,在中国建立了强大的本地学术网络资源。他们为中国的研究人员、期刊编辑和学术机构提供编辑和技术支持。为了支持中国科学家和出版商,致力于全球开放科学的发展,Compuscript /ISE和ScienceOpen达成合作,专门为中国市场量身定制并使用ScienceOpen的全套工具助力中国学术期刊提升国际影响力。



Morgan Lyons, CEO, CompuScript


"ScienceOpen与Compuscript的合作只是我们支持中国科学界使命的最新一步“, ScienceOpen的首席执行官Stephanie Dawson补充说,"与一家成熟的服务提供商合作,探索中国研究人员和期刊在获取新读者和新市场方面的需求是一个很好的机会,对ScienceOpen一些成功项目也是一个有益补充。”其中一个成功的项目是由中国科学院电子研究所(IECAS)和中国雷达工业协会(CRIA)联合承办的《雷达学报》(’)。


Compuscript合作医学期刊“中国全科医学杂志”(‘’),‘’, 和 ‘’也在ScienceOpen平台上获得成功。

正如Compuscript的首席执行官Morgan Lyons所指出:这些期刊上的大多数摘要都是英文的。这种多语言的内容吸引了来自中国以外的研究人员,他们可以使用ScienceOpen平台上的全套技术工具,并积极参与这些期刊内容的讨论。



English Press Release
ScienceOpen and Compuscript/International Science Editing partnership in China

The discovery platform ScienceOpen is partnering with Compuscript/International Science Editing in China to develop new products tailored specifically for the Chinese market.

Chinese researchers face tremendous hurdles in communicating their research results to the rest of the world – from language barriers to internet restrictions and the traditional western bias of the scientific literature. Over their 15-year history in China, Compuscript/International Science Editing have built a strong local network to help overcome these challenges, providing editorial and technical support to Chinese researchers, editors, and institutions. With its freely accessible, interactive discovery environment of over 45 million articles and records, ScienceOpen can put

Chinese journal content in context with a web of connections to the broader research framework. In combination, the two companies hope to develop new solutions for Chinese journals to increase their impact in the wider scientific community.

ScienceOpen’s discovery platform offers Chinese academic researchers a great opportunity to promote their research publications and cultivate their peer networks outside China. ScienceOpen also offers huge discoverability opportunities for Chinese language journals that traditionally host inside China but have some English language content, such as abstracts and translated featured articles. Hosting this content on ScienceOpen really brings this work to the global scholarly community in a much more discoverable and open manner. Through our International Science Editing service we have been working with Chinese individual researchers and publishers for over a decade. We all appreciate that free access to knowledge drives creativity, innovation and development and as such we are very excited about the opportunity to promote ScienceOpen to the Chinese academic community.

Morgan Lyons, CEO, Compuscript

This is a great opportunity to partner with an established service provider to explore the needs of Chinese researchers and journals in terms of reaching new readers and markets. Our service portfolios are highly complementary and together we can provide a product that meets the needs of Chinese research. We already have several successful projects running, such as the Chinese General Practice journal.

Stephanie Dawson, CEO, ScienceOpen

With the growing volume of research conducted in China, new solutions are needed to facilitate the exchange of ideas across cultural boundaries. The partnership between ScienceOpen and Compuscript/International Science Editing is committed to grassroots solutions supported by cutting- edge technology.

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